Production Music Libraries

Production Music Libraries and stock music libraries offer music that is available to license for use in many different kinds of projects and presentations, including:

  • radio & television broadcasts
  • commercials & jingles
  • motion picture film soundtracks
  • Youtube videos
  • corporate & training presentations
  • websites
  • podcasts
  • wedding & other special occasion videos
  • computer games
  • software applications and
  • essentially any other kind of multimedia presentation you can think of

  • ROYALTY FREE MUSIC StockMusic grants non-exclusive and unlimited synchronization rights in its End User License Agreement. They offer more than 440 music albums which feature more than 20,000 music tracks online. Music is available to purchase as complete albums or as single music tracks. Most albums include full mix, underscore and broadcast length versions of the compositions. The music is well catalogued both for browsing by genre and for searching by keyword.

    Sound Ideas Royalty Free Music

    Sound Ideas Royalty Free Music
    Sound Ideas royalty free music on hard drive is an essential collection or music library that can be delivered to your door. It comes with unlimited lifetime synchronization rights and there are no annual license fees or hidden costs.

    The Mix Broadcast Music Library

    The Mix Broadcast Music Library
    Sound Ideas also offers a royalty free music collections made just for the advertiser in you. All broadcast lengths and all with unlimited lifetime synchronization rights. The music in these collections is just right for commercial jingles, promotional spots and intros.

    Rights Managed Music:

    Westar Music Westar Music
    Keywords and descriptions designed with music users in mind. Westar Music is available on either a blanket or a general license (pay as you go). Negotiate the package the suits your needs. Instant online search and download or hard drive delivery are available. Online annual blanket licenses can include access to more than 250,000 sound effects from Sound Ideas for your production use. Powerful search, audition, playlist and cue sheet features come standard with this music collection for professionals.

    American Music Company American Music Company
    American Music Company is a powerhouse collection of professional production music. It is available on either blanket or general licensing. Instant online search and download are available. Online features include sonic search capabilities that allow you to load in YouTube or SoundCloud URLs to find similar music tracks available in the American Music Company catalog.

    Free Music (and Sound Effects):
    A substantial number of music tracks and sound effects are available to download for free from this site. Commercial use of the music tracks is allowed. The site requires that you give credit to them for the use of their sounds and they may share your email address with other companies owned by their owner. The End User License and other site policies are well documented and easy to read.