Production Music Libraries.

Production Music Libraries

Where to Find the Best Production Music Libraries on the Web

Production Music Libraries (also called stock music libraries) offer music that has been written especially for use in:
  • audio visual productions,
  • radio & television broadcasts,
  • commercials & jingles,
  • motion picture soundtracks,
  • corporate & training presentations,
  • websites,
  • podcasts,
  • wedding & other videos,
  • computer games,
  • software applications and
  • other multimedia presentations.

This Resource Guide has been designed to help you find great stock music libraries for your production requirements. We hope it helps you find exactly what you're looking for.

Westar Music Link.     Westar Music

- Professional quality production music with affordable hassle free licensing
- More than 10,500 music tracks - online, on CD, or on Hard Drive
- More than 100,000 sound effects tracks - available for immediate use
- Instant downloads, in 16/44.1 wav & mp3 320 file formats
- Powerful search & audition features to help you find exactly what you need

- 28 categories & over 11,200 tracks of cutting-edge production music
- More than 110,000 sound effects & over 4,000 imaging elements
- Music provided in full length, underscore & broadcast lengths
- All files supplied in broadcast wav & mp3 320 formats
- Buy complete CDs, single tracks - or prepaid subscriptions to save more
- Synchronize any track in an unlimited number of productions

Sound Ideas Link.     Sound Ideas Royalty Free Music

- Superior royalty free production music provided on CD & hard drive
- More than 100 single CDs of music and musical elements
- Over 25 different multiple disc collections
- Unlimited lifetime synchronization rights with every purchase
- No annual license fees or hidden costs

Mix Broadcast Music Library Link.     The Mix Broadcast Music Library

- More than 10 different collections
- CD audio & digital broadcast wav files on DVD & hard drive
- Wide variety of period & modern genres, styles, moods and tempos
- Broadcast lengths, ready for use on radio & TV
- For use in commercials, jingles, promotional spots and intros
- Unlimited lifetime synchronization rights with every purchase


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