Rights Managed Music

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Rights Managed Music is a form of production music which differs in the way it is licensed to its users. There are two basic types of licenses available: the General License and the Blanket License. Remember, however, that even these licenses only grant Synchronization Rights. They do not include copyright, mechanical rights or performing rights.

The General License operates essentially as a “pay as you go” format. All of the music in a collection is available for you to audition or try out to see what fits best in your project or production. When you find what works for you, a specific license is drawn up for that particular piece of music and that particular use.

For instance, you pick a piece of music and use it in your Feature Film. You pay a fee to license the music for your Film. But then, you realize you want to run TV advertising to promote the film and this piece of music is perfect for the Trailer. Ooops. If you didn’t license that use in the first place, you need another license to cover the TV use. Don’t despair, most music publishers have a license for “All Media” for which you pay more – but which covers all the ways in which the music is going to be used or played.

The Blanket License is a great option for you if you use a lot of music in the course of a year. This can be referred to as a Annual Blanket.

You are provided with all or part of a Rights Managed Music Collection from which you can audition, select and use any of the music during the term of your license. There is a start date and an end date (the term is usually for one year and there are usually discounts for adding years to your license) and you negotiate the kinds of projects / productions you will be using the music in to come up with an annual licensing fee. All of the projects / productions you create using the music are fully licensed under your blanket terms. If you are production house working for a client, the right to use the music passes to your client when you turn the production over. The right to use the music in a project / production that is completed during the active term of your lease does not expire when your lease expires. The project or production carries the music license with it for its lifetime (sometimes written as a period of 99 years).

Rights Managed Music Libraries:

Westar Music Westar Music
Keywords and descriptions designed with music users in mind. Westar Music is available on either a blanket or a general license (pay as you go). Negotiate the package the suits your needs. Instant online search and download or hard drive delivery are available. Online annual blanket licenses can include access to more than 250,000 sound effects from Sound Ideas for your production use. Powerful search, audition, playlist and cue sheet features come standard with this music collection for professionals.

American Music Company American Music Company
American Music Company is a powerhouse collection of professional production music. It is available on either blanket or general licensing. Instant online search and download are available. Online features include sonic search capabilities that allow you to load in YouTube or SoundCloud URLs to find similar music tracks available in the American Music Company catalog.